Omnilux Light Therapy

Omnilux Light Therapy

Omnilux is a medical light device that utilizes LED technology. The combination light therapy uses blue LEDs in conjunction with red LEDs to destroy bacteria, stimulate cell growth, and decrease inflammation.

Why Get Omnilux Light Therapy?

  • Stimulates and Regenerates Collagen: Using a combination of LED lights stimulates the cells and promote tissue regeneration. This helps to promote collagen production and leads to firmer skin and the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Works well with other cosmetic treatments: Omnilux works well with other treatments, such as, chemical peels and facials to prolong results.
  • Acne-Prone Skin: If you suffer from acne, light therapy is a great solution. The blue LED light helps to treat the acne, while the red LED light acts as an anti-inflammatory. The treatment can help reduce the size of your pores and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Is it Safe?

Omnilux Light Therapy is a natural and painless cosmetic procedure. Before the procedure begins, you will be given with goggles to protect your eyes from the LED lights. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and you can carry on with your regular routine after the treatment is over.


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