IPL and Vascular Lasers

IPL and Vascular Lasers

What is IPL?

With innovative IPL (Intense Pulse Light) systems, skin rejuvenation can be achieved for many skin types. Through gentle heating of the skin, an IPL laser treatment helps with common sun damage problems as well as redness. In some cases, this treatment may be combined with forms of skin resurfacing including fractional resurfacing or chemical peels. IPL Laser treatment requires up to 6 visits to your local aesthetician for desired results and should be done every 4 weeks.


Benefits of Vascular/IPL Laser Treatments

IPL is popular for its quick procedure and quick recovery times. Learn more about the benefits associated with IPL Therapy, including:

  • IPL reduces the appearance of discoloration such as, freckles, acne, sun spots, Rosacea, broken veins and capillaries, blood vessels, and facial hair.
  • Stimulates collagen production and improves overall skin texture.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improves facial contour.
  • Tightens and brightens the skin.
  • Minimizes pores.
  • Is non-surgical and non-invasive.

After Care

There are a few suggested procedures for patients who have just received IPL therapy. After care includes:

  • Sunscreen → Your skin is going to be a little sensitive post IPL, so make sure that you are applying sunscreen and avoiding too much exposure to the sun.
  • Makeup → If possible, don’t apply any foundation or powder products to your face after the procedure to prevent any irritation.
  • Bathing/Showering → Try not to take a hot bath or shower 48 hours prior to treatment. If you need to shower, make sure that no water touches the treated areas.
  • Exercise → It is best to skip the gym for around 48 hours after treatment to avoid irritation and infections.
  • Don’t Itch! → Fight the urge to itch. The treated area may experience itching or scabbing, but refrain from scratching or itching your face.


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